Meet the Team

Rufus Fideo:

Rufus is the Principal and practice owner. His aim is to run a high quality, successful and efficient practice, despite the frustrations imposed by rules and regulations. These he looks on as ridiculous irritations that he has to avoid or find a way round with the least amount of effort.

Charlie Baird:

Charlie is a Partner in the practice and specialises in orthodontics - which Rufus refers to as "wire-bending". He just wants a quiet life and tries to comply with the regulations, although finding them a bit of an unnecessary imposition.


Millie is the practice Receptionist. She is the longest serving member of staff and manipulates things so the practice runs the way she wants. Her aim is to make her life as easy as possible by subtlely organising the practice and Rufus to achieve that end.

Evlynne Gilvarry:

Evlynne joined the practice as a dental nurse after leaving her position as Registrar of the General Dental Council. Rufus decided her oraganisational skills were wasted as a dental nurse and she was quickly promoted to Practice Manager. She has taken her new role very seriously and is beginning to boss everyone else around much to the annoyance of Millie.

Cressida Stickler:

Cressida is the new Associate. She is recently qualified and, like all her contempories, has left dental school indoctrinated in all the rules and regulations of the CQC and other bodies, which she feels the practice must follow to the letter. Unfortunately, also like her contempories, she is hopeless at practical dentistry and treating patients in a general practice stting.

Practice Nurses:

As is the case with most practices staff tend to come and go all the time - some are good, some are pretty useless. The current Dental Nurses - from the left Tracy, Sharon and Tina

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