Scriptwriter, character creator and animator

voices of: Rufus, Charlie, Bingo Brack, Bill Moyes amongst others


Scriptwriter, script-editor, costume maker

voices of: Millie, Evlynne Gilvarry, Cressida, Mrs. Wally and others

About the Authors

Michael and Vivien qualified in Dentistry at the Royal Dental Hospital of London, where they met.

They worked as Principals in their own practice for 31 years. Initially this was a busy NHS practice but moved to be Private in 1996 to escape the bureaucracy of the NHS. The escape from red tape was short-lived, as very soon a new body, the Care Quality Commission ( CQC ), started imposing a seemingly endless wave of often meaningless rules and regulations on the profession.

There had to be a way of lampooning this body and the situation dentists found themselves in - and so "Charlie and Rufus" came into being.

Michael and Vivien live in Surrey.