Charlie and Rufus Videos

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Situation Normal.......and the collapse of NHS Dentistry

Vaccines and the Path Back to a New Normal

Rufus and the Elf on the Shelf

Rufus Loses Patience with the CDO

Rufus and the Fallow Time

Rufus, the CDO and Coronavirus

The CDO and Acronyms

Rufus Holds a CPD Course

Politically Correct Car Sales

Charlie and Rufus Go Brexit

Rufus' After Dinner Speech at the 2019 LDC Conference

Rufus up before the GDC

Enhanced CPD

Rufus' Politically Incorrect Christmas - short version

Rufus' Politically Incorrect Xmas

Trying to Make Hilary Mantel a Crown Fit Appt.

Rufus' Practice Manager

Rufus and the Singing Reindeer

The Practice Drill

Bingo Pulls It Off

Rufus' New Associate

Rufus the Witch and the Wardrobe

Rufus and the Nightmare Patient

Another Naughty Dentist up Before the GDC

When David Cameron Met Angela Merkel

Fifty Shades of Miss Grey

The Duchess of Wimpole Street

Bill Moyes' Address to the GDC

Evlynne Gilvarry Triumphant after Judicial Decision on ARF

Rufus gets a call from the GDC

Rufus' New Chair

Ed's Idea for Monday

Cancer Testing

Staff Problems

You'll Never See Your Dentist the Same Way Again!

Charlie and Rufus' CQC visit - revisited


Trouble with the Elf Service

Charlie and Rufus do Dragons Den

Rufus and The Frog and Peach

Rufus and the Computer Virus

Rufus' Holiday - full length feature

Mandy's Good News

Rufus Does MasterMind

A Favour for Luigi

Rufus does Master Chef

An Inspector Calls

Red Nose Day

Charlie and Rufus - CPR

The Charlie and Rufus version of "The Right to Smile"

CQC visit - The Sequel

Rufus's answer to problems with the CQC

Rufus on Holiday


David Cameron visits Rufus

Practice promotion

Rufus goes on a self-improvement course

Rufus has a difficult patient

Rufus tries to get a bank loan


Legionella testing

The GDC and opinion polls

Trouble at reception

Staff interviews

Charlie and Rufus' CQC visit

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